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Zebra Eel

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Zebra Eels are much less aggressive than most other eels, which makes them highly suitable for community aquariums.
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Latin Name: Gymnomuraena zebra Lifespan: 25 to 30 years
Distribution: Indo-Pacific Estimated Size: 50 to 60 inches
Zebra Eels get their name from their white and black stripes resembling those of a zebra. In mature Zebra Eels these stripes are usually a very dark brown color.

Captive Care

When planning an aquarium for a zebra eel, keep in mind that this fish can attain lengths of up to 60 inches. This size will require a tank of about 100 gallons which is quite large. It is important to provide your Zebra Eel with sufficient hiding places that it feels secure in its home. These eels will spend a large portion of their time with their body hidden from view. They will stick their head out to look around and breathe.
Zebra Eels are a particularly popular eel due to their passive nature. They may however bite a human if they feel threatened or if they think you are food. If this happens try not to jerk away as this could cause an even worse wound.

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