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Tigers are one member of the panthera genus, which include 3 other 'big cats'. They are the largest of the big cat predators. 80% of Tigers can be found in India.
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Latin Name: Panthera tigris spp. Conservation Status: Endangered
Distribution: See Sub-Species  
Tigers are one of the worlds magnificent top mammal predators. They live primarily in grasslands, where their camoflague is best suited. The Tiger is a solo hunter, preferring to live alone. They hunt medium sized herbivores most often, making meals out of wild pigs, deer and buffalo. The only predator of tigers are humans, who kill them for their fur. With the total Tiger population down around 5,000 across all subspecies, they are all on the endangered species list.


1. P.t. tigris - Bengal Tiger
2. P.t. corbetti - Indochinese Tiger
3. P.t. jacksoni - Malayan Tiger
4. P.t. altaica - Siberian Tiger
5. P.t. amoyensis - South China Tiger
6. P.t. sumatran - Sumatran Tiger

Extinct Sub-Species

1. P.t. balica - Balinese Tiger
2. P.t. virgata - Caspian Tiger or Persian Tiger
3. P.t. sondaica - Javan Tiger
4. P.t. trinilensis - Trinil Tiger

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