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Sunbeam Snake

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The Sunbeam Snake is best known for their smooth and shiny scales which appear iridescent when in the sunlight. They rarely stray far from rainforests or bodies of water.
  Slithering Sunbeam Snake
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Latin Name: Xenopeltis unicolor Conservation Status:
Distribution: Southeast Asia Estimated Size: 30 to 40 inches
Sunbeam Snakes will eat almost any sort of small animal. Lizards, small mammals and skinks are the most common prey.
Their bodies are designed to allow them to burrow very easily with flattened heads and small eyes. Sunbeam Snakes will burrow in soft ground when they feel scared or stressed.


Sunbeam Snakes biggest threat is the rate at which they are being brought into captivity. Rarely does a Sunbeam live past six months after being brought in from the wild. This is mainly because they become very easily stressed which can result in death. Most new owners do not realize this and handle them too frequently or do not provide a proper substrate for them to burrow and hide in which adds greatly to their level of stress.

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