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Rocky Mountain Goat

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The Rocky Mountain Goat is adapt at climbing rocky regions. They normally stay in the same regions year round. These mammals are well-known for childrens stories and fairy tales.


Latin Name: Oreamnos americanus Conservation Status: Common
Distribution: Canada and USA (Rocky Moutains), and moved to other rocky regions of the USA Estimated Height: 3' 3"
Estimated Weight: Male, 200 lbs - Female, 155 lbs

Mountain Goats live in cold, rocky, and high altitude regions. They are the largest mammal to live in the same regions. Mountain Goats are related to the antelope family, even though they have the Goat name.

Their white wool coats are double layered, allowing them to withstand temperatures up to -50 degrees F. All Mountain Goats, male and female, have the classic goat beard, and small black horns.


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