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Raso Lark

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The Raso Lark is one of the most remote, understudied and endangered birds on the planet. They live only on Raso Island, a part of the Cape Verde Islands.
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Description Conservation    


Latin Name: Alauda razae Conservation Status: Critical
Distribution: Razo Island (Cape Verde Islands) Food: Insect larvae, small insects, nutsedge bulbs
Raso Island is uninhabited by people. The Raso Lark is probably still alive today due to this fact. It is thought that the Raso Lark used to inhabit other islands, when they were all attached during the last Ice Age.


The total population of the Raso Lark is estimated to be 70 birds. This is obviously a matter of great concern. There is also about 2 males for every 1 female. Their natural predator, the Cape Verde Giant Gecko has diminished their population drastically. Starting a population of Raso Larks on a similar and close island, Santa Luzia, may help their numbers grow. Santa Luzia Island does not have any geckos.

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