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Pale-Throated Three-Toed Sloth

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Living solely in the high canopies of rainforests, the Pale-Throated Three-Toed Sloth even sleeps hanging from branches.
  Pale-Throated Three-Toed Sloth
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Latin Name: Bradypus tridactylus Conservation Status: Lower Risk
Distribution: Central America Estimated Size: 1.5' to 2.5'
Native to the rainforests of Central America, the Pale-Throated Three-Toed Sloth is covered with thick hair. They have three long claws on each arm, with the middle claw extending beyond the others. Their brown hair has a green colouration to it, due to a type of algae that grows on thier bodies. These mammals lack both a tail and traditional ears. The main distinction between a male and a female Pale-Throated Three-Toed Sloth is a orange coloured patch of hair on the males back.


The Pale-Throated Three-Toed Sloth is a herbivore. They eat twigs, leaves, fruits and other vegetation found in the rainforest canopy. You will not find these mammals outside of their forest home, as they have low survivability outside of the forest. They move very slow, taking weeks to move from one area to another.
These solitary animals sleep for nearly 19 hours a day suspended from the trees. Their sharp claws and even sharper teeth are used for defense as well as eating, keeping predators such as jaguars and other jungle cats at bay.

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