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The Meerkat is a part of the mongoose family of mammals. They need to constantly feed every day to avoid death, as their bodies do not store food.
  Meerkat all curious
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Latin Name: Suricata suricatta Conservation Status: Lower Risk
Distribution: South Africa (Kalahari Desert) Estimated Height: 40 cm
Estimated Weight: 725 g
This small cousin of the mongoose lives in solely in desert like regions. They are light brown in colour, with patches of darker fur. The black spots around their eyes allow them to see well on bright days, making it easier to see and avoid predators. Meerkats live in burrows in the ground. Their four clawed limbs make it easy to dig into the sand. When they do so, their ears are able to close shut. Insects are the main food source for Meerkats. They also will eat small mammals, eggs, lizards and even scorpions.
The Meerkat name originates from the Dutch. In Dutch, Meerkat means 'lake cat.'


- Kingdom: Animalia
 - Phylum: Chordata
  - Class: Mammalia
   - Order: Carnivora
    - Family: Herpestidae
     - Genus: Suricata
      - Species: S. suricatta

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