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Order Carnivora

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                      - Suborder Feliformia
                                  - Family Eupleridae (Malagasy carnivores)
                                  - Family Felidae (cats)
                                  - Family Herpestidae (mongooses and allies)
                                  - Family Hyaenidae (hyenas and aardwolf)
                                  - Family Nandiniidae (African palm civets)
                                  - Family Nimravidae (false sabre-tooths; extinct)
                                  - Family Prionodontidae (Asiatic linsangs)
                                  - Family Viverridae (civets and allies)
                      - Suborder Caniformia
                                  - Family Ailuridae (red panda)
                                  - Family Amphicyonidae (beardogs; extinct)
                                  - Family Canidae (dogs and allies)
                                  - Family Mephitidae (skunks and stink badgers)
                                  - Family Mustelidae (weasels, martens, badgers, and otters)
                                  - Superfamily Pinnipedia
                                            - Family Odobenidae (walruses)
                                            - Family Otariidae (sea lions, eared seals, fur seals)
                                            - Family Phocidae (true seals)
                                  - Family Procyonidae (raccoons and allies)
                                  - Family Ursidae (bears)

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