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Mammals Classification

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Mammals have been classified several different ways over the years. The classification used here is a simple breakdown of the mammal class.
Animal Classification Before Mammals
1) Kingdom: Animalia
         2) Phylum: Chordata
                 3) Subphylum: Vertebrata
                        i) Infraphylum: Gnathostomata
                                 ii) Superclass: Tetrapoda
                                        iii) Series: Amniota
                 4) Class: Mammalia
As we build our Mammal Classification list, and add mammals to this site, you will be able to follow the mammal classification right down to each mammal on the site for more information.


                      - Subclass/Order Monotremata: egg-laying mammals
                                  - Order Monotremata: echidnas and platypus
                      - Subclass Marsupialia: marsupials
                                  - Order Didelphimorphia: New World opossums
                                  - Order Paucituberculata: shrew opossums
                                  - Order Microbiotheria: Monito del Monte
                                  - Order Dasyuromorphia: marsupial carnivores
                                  - Order Notoryctemorphia: marsupial mole
                                  - Order Peramelemorphia: bandicoots and bilbies
                                  - Order Diprotodontia: koalas, wombats, kangaroos, possums, etc.
                      - Subclass Placentalia
                                  - Order Xenarthra: sloths, anteaters, armadillos
                                  - Superorder Glires
                                            - Order Rodentia: rodents
                                            - Order Lagomorpha: rabbits, hares, and pikas
                                  - Superorder Euarchonta:
                                            - Order Primates: primates
                                            - Order Scandentia: treeshrews
                                            - Order Dermoptera: colugos
                                  - Order Insectivora: shrews, tenrecs, moles, hedgehogs, etc.
                                  - Order Chiroptera: bats
                                  - Order Carnivora: dogs, cats, weasels, seals, etc.
                                  - Order Pholidota: pangolins
                                  - Superorder Ungulata: ungulates
                                            - Order Tubulidentata: aardvark
                                            - Order Macroscelidea: elephant shrews
                                            - Order Hyracoidea: hyraxes
                                            - Order Proboscidea: elephants
                                            - Order Sirenia: manatees, dugong
                                            - Order Perissodactyla: horses, tapirs, rhinoceroses
                                            - Order Artiodactyla: even-toed ungulates
                                            - Order Cetacea: whales

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