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Magellanic Penguin

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The Magellanic Penguin can be found in South America. They are in the middle of the pack where size in concerned among penguins.
  Magellanic Penguin on beach
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Latin Name: Spheniscus magellanicus Conservation Status: Near Threatened
Distribution: South America Average Height: 73 cm
The Magellanic Penguin is medium sized in comparison to other penguin species. They are black and white in colour, and can be found mainly in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. The Magellanic Penguin feeds on fish as their primary food source, but also eat krill and other sea life.


- Kingdom: Animalia
 - Phylum: Chordata
  - Class: Aves
   - Order: Sphenisciformes
    - Family: Spheniscidae
     - Genus: Spheniscus
      - Species: S. magellanicus

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