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Largemouth Bass

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Largemouth Bass is one of the most popular fish for recreational fishermen. They are widely distributed over North America and have a very distinct flavour when cooked.
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Latin Name: Micropterus salmoides Conservation Status: Secure
Lifespan: 15 years Estimated Size: 18" to 20" on average
Largemouth Bass are generally found in slow moving water. This includes creeks, streams, ponds and lakes. Largemouth Bass eat almost any type of creature that can fit in its mouth. Such prey includes frogs, snails and other fish.


- Kingdom: Animalia
 - Phylum: Chordata
  - Class: Actinopterygii
   - Order: Perciformes
    - Family: Centrarchidae
     - Genus: Micropterus
      - Species: M. salmoides

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