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Learn About Animals!

Animals are all over our planet. They live on land, in the water, and in the air. On our pages, you can learn everything you need to know about animals. From their descriptions, regions, and pictures to conservation and endangered species, LearnAnimals covers it all. We bring all the information together in one place, making it easy to learn about the animals we live around.
Our information is sorted into categories covering Birds, Fish, Mammals and Reptiles and Amphibians.
Bird Information
These feather toating friends of the sky are the Aves Class of the Phylum Chordata. There are an estimated 9000 species of Birds spread out over the planet. Their wings, along with their light bodies, enable most of them to fly.
Fish Information
Fish can be found in almost every waterway in every country. Some fish live in freshwater lakes, rivers and streams, some fish live in the saltwater ocean, and some fish can thrive on both. Fish range from small to incredibly large.
Mammals Information
With around 5500 species of Mammals around the world, these animals are hard to miss. Squirrels running around your yard, elephants roaming the African plains, to the face you see in your mirrors, mammals are all around.
Reptiles and Amphibians  
Reptile and Amphibian Information
Lizards, snakes, and frogs are some of the animals in this category. Cold-blooded Reptiles are some of the oldest and most prolific animals on this planet. Frogs, newts and salamanders share this space with the Reptiles.
New Animals to Learn About!
- American Badger - Sperm Whale
- Anaconda - Burmese Python
- Cheetah - Sea Otter
- Atlantic Blue Marlin - Lion
- Gorilla - Platypus
- North American Beaver - Spotted Hyena
- Angolan Giraffe - Red-Eyed Bush Crocodile Skink
- Hippopotamus - Texas Horned Lizard

Other Animal Information




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