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There are 2 species in the family Hippopotamidae, of which includes the Hippopatamus. They are native to Africa, and are one of the regions Vulnerable animals.
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Latin Name: Hippopotamus amphibius Conservation Status: Vulnerable
Distribution: Africa Average Weight: 2100 kg
Lifespan: 40 - 50 years  
The Hippopotamus can be seen travelling the plains of Africa in 30 to 40 member groups, called a herd. The average hippo grows to a size of about 3.5 m long. Many scientists argue that the hippopotamus is the largest land animal after the elephant, while many others argue that it is the White Rhinocerous. While the Hippopotamus is quite large, and quite heavy, they can run at speeds up to about 40 kph.


The Hippopotamus is featured in the popular board game, Hungry Hungry Hippos.

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