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Fish are the most diverse, spread out, and colourful
species of vertabrates on the planet. There are over
29,000 species of fish inhabiting our lakes, streams,
rivers, and oceans. Fish can be found in almost every
waterway in every country. Fish are cold-blooded, have gills to breathe underwater, and range
in size from 7 mm to 16 metres. Navigate the fish listing below to find out more information on
various species of fish.

Fish Index

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- Atlantic Blue Marlin - Ocean Sunfish
- Bala Shark - Prickly Shark
- Banded Pipefish - Red Clownfish (see Tomato Clownfish)
- Black Angel Fish - Ringed Pipefish (see Banded Pipefish)
- Black Bass (see Largemouth Bass) - Sea Nettle
- Black Neon Tetra - Short Headed Lamprey
- Bowfin - Siamese Fighting Fish
- Bull Shark - Silver Dollar
- Bumblebee Catfish - South American Lungfish
- Electric Eel - Thornback Stingray
- Fathead Minnow - Tomato Clownfish
- Firefish - Zebra Moray (see Zebra Eel)
- Fire Dartfish (see Firefish) - Zebra Eel
- Fire Goby (see Firefish) - Zebra Mussel
- Guppy  
- Largemouth Bass  
- Leopard Shark  
- Longsnout Dogfish  
- Moorish Idol  

Fish of the Week

OCean Sunfish
The Ocean Sunfish is the largest bony fish in the world, by mass. The maxium recorded weight of this fish was 2,300 kg.
Learn About the Ocean Sunfish
  Ocean Sunfish Picture

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