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Eastern Newt

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One of the most common newts in North America, the Eastern Newt has four subspecies. They can be found in wetland areas, swimming in the pond.
Description Sub-Species    


Latin Name: Notophthalmus viridescens spp. Conservation Status: Least Concern
Distribution: Canada & United States Average Size: 5 inches
Averag Lifespan: 13 Years  


The common Eastern Newt live in forests, where the overall conditions are fairly wet. Ponds, creeks and streams are often homes to these semi-aquatic animals, as well as the surrounding trees. Muddy environments are often the best for the health of the Eastern Newt. They feed on small insects, crustaceans and small eggs.


1. N. v. dorsalis - Broken-Striped Newt
2. N. v. louisianensis - Central Newt
3. N. v. piaropicola - Peninsula Newt
4. N. v. viridescens - Red-Spotted Newt

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