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Eastern Kingbird

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The Eastern Kingbird can be found all across North America. They are a large flycatcher, that also eats fruits in the colder months.
  Eastern Kingbird Picture
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Latin Name: Tyrannus tyrannus Conservation Status: Common
Distribution: Canada, USA Estimated Height: 21 cm
Estimated Weight: 34 g

Most Eastern Kingbirds are coloured the same. They have dark, charcoal coloured tops, with a light coloured underside.

These birds mate in fields, building nests in bushes and shrubs in fields. Being very territorial, they will defend their homes from larger predators.

During the winter months, the Eastern Kingbird will migrate to South America.



- Kingdom: Animalia
 - Phylum: Chordata
  - Class: Aves
   - Order: Passeriformes
    - Family: Tyrannidae
     - Genus: Tyrannus
      - Species: T. tyrannus

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