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Chinese Alligator

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The Chinese Alligator is not usually near as large as their relative, the American Alligator. While they are considered quite docile they are powerful animals that can cause serious damage if tempted.
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Latin Name: Alligator sinensis Conservation Status: Endangered
Distribution: China Estimated Size: 5 feet, but as large as 7 feet.
Chinese Alligators are found in slow moving bodies of water such as streams, rivers, ponds and swamps. For 6 or 7 months of each year these alligators hibernate within burrowing holes which they have dug. These holes usually lead to a much larger tunnel complex as the Chinese Alligators attempt to avoid the cold weather.
Chinese Alligators typically eat small invertebrates found in the water as well as some fish. However they will certainly take a rat, duck or other small bird if given the opportunity. Their teeth are adapted for the crushing action which is required to get into the hard shells of some of their prey. Chinese Alligators will usually hunt during the cool evening hours.
These alligators look remarkably like their cousin the American Alligator, although they are not nearly as big. Chinese Alligators have a dark background with lighter bands on top.


While the Chinese Alligator once was found almost all throughout China its population has rapidly declined. Destruction of their habitat is the primary cause of their decline as more and more wetlands are turned into farmland.

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