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Birds can be seen everywhere in the world. From the
passerines (songbirds) singing in your yard, to the
emus running in a field, to the penguins swimming
to catch their next fish, birds are abundant on all
continents. With near to 10000 species across the world, they make up the largest land
dwelling vertebrates. Navigate the animal listing below to find out more information about

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- American Robin - Northern Cardinal
- Bald Eagle - Raso Lark
- Blue Jay - Rock Partridge
- Boat-Billed Heron - Rock Pigeon
- Brown Pelican - Rook
- Burrowing Owl - Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
- California Condor - Rosy Flamingo (see Caribbean Flamingo)
- Caribbean Flamingo - Sage Thrasher
- Common Raven - Sedge Wren
- Common Swift - Snowy Owl
- Eastern Kingbird - Song Thrush
- Elf Owl - Spanish Imperial Eagle
- Great Horned Owl - Spix's Macaw
- Great Spotted Kiwi  
- Magellanic Penguin  

Bird of the Week

Spix's Macaw
This magnificent bird is now extinct in the wild. To see the Spix's Macaw, you must go to a zoo.
Learn About the Spix's Macaw
  Spix's Macaw in a tree

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