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Banded Pipefish

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Banded Pipefish have a long slender body which resembles the shape of an eel. Their round tail is bright red with white around the outside and a white dot in the middle. They are a very odd shaped fish. The word 'banded' is used in its name because it has thin bands of color covering the length of its body. Their appearance is often compared to that of a small eel.
  Banded Pipefish Picture




Latin Name: Doriorhamphus dactyliophorus Estimated Size:6" to 8"
Distribution: Indo-Pacific  

Most fish have scales however Banded Pipefish do not. Instead, they have bony plates which cover their body and protect them from enemies. For propulsion they fan their fins very fast and glide through the water.

Banded Pipefish are very slow eaters as they only have a small opening at their mouth. They eat small invertibrates such as mosquito larva and brine shrimp. It will suck the food into its mouth and swallow it whole because it has no teeth.

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